Was America’s Top 40 star Casey Kasem MURDERED? Wife and children say YES

More than four years after Casey Kasem died at 82, his widow and oldest children are still accusing each other of killing the iconic radio DJ. Jean Kasem convinced a Washington State police chief — in the town where Kasem died in a hospital in June 2014 — to open a homicide investigation targeting her stepchildren. She believes the daughters should be charged with murder for the decision to have doctors cut off their father’s nutrition hastened his death.

Mommy & Daddy ‘find’ infant daughter dead, call lawyer before 911!

Little Mary Welch died of neglect and starvation, but her father admitted to an emergency dispatcher that he called his lawyer for advice before dialing 911 after finding the baby dead in her bed. Seth Welch and his wife Tatiana Fusari now face murder charged for their daughter’s death. The 10-month-old girl reportedly weighed only 8 pounds at the time of her death.

Desperate search for missing 25-year-old Kierra Coles, postal worker three months pregnant

Kierra Coles is three months pregnant and missing. The Chicago postal worker called in to her job nearly two weeks ago to tell her boss she would not be at work that day and she has not been seen by her family since. Security camera video recorded from a neighbor’s house is the last clue in the disappearance of the 27-year-old woman.

Nancy Grace explores the case with Los Angeles psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, private investigator Vincent Hill, and Crime Stories reporter Robyn Walensky.

Torpedo to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sex attack victims: charge dropped.

One of six sex assault charges against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been dropped in New York after the prosecutor decided there were too many questions about what actress Lucia Evans claimed.

Nancy Grace looks at the case against Weinstein with RadarOnline. com reporter Alexis Tereszcuk, Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, Atlanta juvenile judge & lawyer Ashley Willcott, and private investigator Vincent Hill.

O.J. Simpson living the lux life in Vegas mansion, one year out of jail.

Nancy Grace takes a look at the convicted robber and kidnapper’s post-prison life in Las Vegas and shares thoughts on why he should not be free. Southern California prosecutor Wendy Patrick, Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, Atlanta prosecutor Kenya Johnson, Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Eric Johnson, private investigator Vincent Hill, and syndicated radio host David Mack join the discussion.

Girl shot in head, left in ditch by teens “annoyed” over her Snapchatting

A 14-year-old girl shot in the head and left for dead says she's "tougher than a bullet." Police say two other teens tried to kill her because of annoying SnapChat messages. Nancy Graces digs into the case with Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Bethany Marshall, criminal profiler Pat Brown, Crime Stories contributing reporter Bobbi Maxwell and cohost Alan Duke.